Chronicle of cultural life
Zelwa – 2011. One more action of artist’s friendship

June 6-20. It is the 10th meeting of artists from the countries of frontier aria. in Zelwa: there were artists from Poland, Lithua, Belorussia, Ukrain and Russia. The sponsor – the Union of artists of Poland and the main organizer and the kindly soul of this Art-colonia – Maria Ruksto Chmielecka.

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The second international “Art – colonia” in Bosnia

Artists from different Balkan countries have met in Bosnia again – for working, painting and communication all together. It was the action of friendship and love to the art and to these lovely diligent and hospitable people. In this meeting there were 8 artists from Moscow and 3 artists from St.- Petersburg.

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The exhibition of the “Portrait Studio” works at the Home of IRIDA

The Portrait Studio has demonstrated new interesting works  created by its members  during autumn and winter season.  Work in a  group gives its good fruits. The artists are free to choose any  technique and material and to paint or draw in their own manner. But at the same time one general trend has been traced. Now it is not a desire to make sketches but a wish to create a  complete art work. The works of Studio members were shown at the last Spring Salon 2011.  This fact speaks about  readiness of the artists  to fulfill quite serious tasks.

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S P R I N G S A L O N – 2011
Russian Association of Women-Artists “IRIDA”
invites professional women-artists to take part in
18 traditional exhibition and creative competition
“S P R I N G S A L O N – 2011”
Patron: Russian Academy of Fine Art
from 1993
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