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Solo exhibition of watercolors created by Nina Shcherbakova-Ionova

October. One more display of an IRIDA artist was opened in the All Russian Exhibition Center.

That was a solo exhibition of watercolors created by Nina Shcherbakova-Ionova, the Honorary Worker of Culture of Moscow. IRIDA has nominated Nina for this high title for her long selfless pedagogical work. It was she who had organized “Aquapainting” a first art studio in IRIDA in 1994 and since that time she continued to teach adult students the art of watercolor painting sharing with them her knowledge, time and soul and inspiring them with her enthusiasm and love for beauty.

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The 8th International exhibition CHAPEAU-2010

August 18-21 The 8th International exhibition CHAPEAU-2010 . Tatyana Smirnova, the artist who for many years participated in IRIDA`s projects in Moscow and abroad showed an unusually bright and picturesque new collection of hats and bonnets. This time she participated as a member of a group called “Millinery-4” consisting of four artists working in absolutely different styles. A general theme of the exposition and fashion demonstration was dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci.

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International project: www.art-her.com

August 1-8. International project: www.art-her.com
«Her Presence in Colours 1X – International Women Artists Exhibition – USA 2010»
Conservatory of Fine Arts, Penang, Malaysia
International Women Artists – USA (INWAA-USA)
Oregon Women’s Caucus for Art
Supported by: Littman Gallery & Portland State University.
Theme: “Reflection on Oneself: Self-portrait”.

Objectives: 1. To foster the awareness women’s art as this awareness is nessesary for the reappraisal of the contribution of the women artists in art.
2. To provide a platform for women artists of various cultural backgrounds to exhibit their works together under one roof so as to foster goodwill and international friendship.
3. To encourage women artists to express their innermost feelings and thoughts through visual art form for the enhancement of our cultural life.

The following four artists of IRIDA will submit their works for the Exhibition:
Klara Golitsyna, “Self portrait in blue dress”. Klara says “The picture should create itself. The author`s participation is minimal. The result of the game is unpredictable. This is my stimulus and interest. I believe the aurhor`s philosophic outlook on modernity realizes itself in his or her wish to opt out in the process of ceativity.

Svetlana Nekrasova, “Self portrait”, is of the opinion that an abstract form is the best way to express her feelings. Abstraction helps the author to avoid a pressure of a genre on the image and makes it possible to see the invisible through the visible.

Natalia Bazhenova, “Self portrait”, combines realism with expression of romanticism . It helps her to express personal image as a reflection of impulsiveness of her own character.

Maria Esmont, “Self portrait at a country side”. Contre-ajour of a portrait underlines the autor`s inner concentration, freedom from everyday problems. “Self portrait after the fashion of the sixties”
is a return to the beginning of the artist`s creative work. It is also a kind of experiment with a form of expression of a self-will of the youth and audacity of approach to herself.

A detailed report of the events that had taken place in Portland, Oregon, was published on the cover page of “The Asian Reporter” under the title “Her Presence in Colors IX features 84 women artists from 24 countries”. International art show in Littman Gallery displays the works of women artists from China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, Russia, Thailand, Vietnam, Germany, France, Finland and other states.
The founder and convener of a series of women artists` exhibitions in different countries of the world Dr Yuen Chee Ling (Penang, Malaysia) is the Head of INWAC council which includes 22 countries.
Maria Esmont, President of IRIDA has been elected a member of INWAC. She has already taken part in its work connected with planning a next international women artists` exhibition to be held in Vietnam in 2012. IRIDA has become a collective member of International Association of Women Artists – INWAA.

A present program of the exhibition in Portland included a number of actions which promoted fulfillment of main tasks of “Her Presence in Colors IX”, that is to arrange a meeting of women artists of different countries “under one roof”, to help them to make friends and to understand better each other, to promote women`s art in the practice of contemporary fine arts.

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The exhibition of four artists of IRIDA in Gdansk

June 15-28. The Russian Center of science and culture in Gdansk (Poland) housed the exhibition of four artists of IRIDA – Nadezhda Razumova and Elena Shumakova (painting), Olga Bravermann and Elena Fedorovich (graphic works and collage) The exposition excited great interest of professional artists and art lovers. The Russian Center plans to further fruitful cooperation with the IRIDA artists in future.

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“IRIDA” gathered at Taptykova

June 1. Having gathered at Anatonina Taptykova`s hospitable place the Management of IRIDA deliberated the results of IRIDA`s jubilee project – the Art Festival and “The creative cookroom” exhibition that had taken place in the “Malyi Manezh” State exhibition hall.

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“The world premiere of RE-CEPT- ART. POBEDOVA ABOVE THE SUN”

June 15-30. A personal jubilee exhibition of Olga Pobedova, Honoured Artist of Russian Federation and Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Arts (RAA) took place in the halls of RAA under the title “The world premiere of RE-CEPT- ART. POBEDOVA ABOVE THE SUN”.

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11th international art plener in Zelwa

June 8 -20. The President of IRIDA Maria Esmont was invited by the Union of Artists of Poland to take part in the 11th international art plener in Zelwa. Together with Polish artists the representatives of Lithuania , Ukraine and Russia participated in the plener.

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IRIDA artists at the international out of door painting session in Bosnia

May 21-31. IRIDA artists at the international out of door painting session in Bosnia. Convener – Yadranka Dmitrievich (Serbia). IRIDA sent 11 participants.

In their midst were such experienced painters like Tamara Zebrova, Svetlana Morozova, Vera Timchenko, Galina Beda, Natalia Bazhenova and newly admitted young artists like Olga Bogdanova and Olga Talantseva .The group came home with very pleasant impressions.

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