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Central House of Artist. Final international exhibition of Moscow festival
1.ANONS - Central House of Artists



     Besides women-artists from Moscow, St-Petersburg and other cities all over Russia, more then 40 international artists came to Moscow to take part in this important event: Angola, China, Macao, Taiwan, Egypt, France, Finland, Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, republic Korea, Lebanon, Malaysia, Serbia, Singapore, Sweden, Vietnam, Great Britain, USA.

     There were too difficult to organize all exposition in two big Halls of the Central House of Artists because of numerous artists works of different kinds  of Art: from traditional paintings and sculpture to modern  installations in stile of contemporary art. The well known  architect and designer Viacheslav Koleychuk, our old friend, helped us to solve this difficult problem. All visitors marked a very good brightly exposition. A fresh impression was from unknown style of international artists works. It was a bright carpet of many national styles and contests, which attracted visitors attention.

     Vice-President of Russian Academy of Fine Art Oleg Koshkin  has made a ceremony of receiving Dr. Yuen Chee Ling (Malaysia) the honourable title of the Member of Russian Academy of Fine Art. He marked a very high quality of  art-works of women-artists and congratulated them with this successful exhibition.

     At the opening ceremony  we heard voices of women-artists in different languages. All of them wanted to impress their joy to see each other all together and exchange their opinions in fate of art.


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