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“The Conception – Paper”. Concept-exhibition in “Beliaevo”Gallery
ANONS. Beliaevo gallery

This concept exhibition of “Irida” Association was also organized in the context of  the Moscow International Spring Festival “Women in Art of Contemporary World”.

In 60-70th artists started to use a paper not only for drowing and painting but as it is in new art direction “Postmodernism”. The paper in its different qualities, colours, density, ability for  plastic transformations gives opportunity to artists to reach the quick success in original forms and impression of their new art tasks.

Now artists continue to work with this interesting material to create very different projects in sculpture, installation, performances. Artists Tatiana Badanina (White dresses), Julia Reznikova and Julia Ovanessian (installation), Elena Surovtseva and Nina Shapkina (sculpture), Anna Koleychuk(performance), Natalia Bogorodskaia (paper-painting) give not ordinary  impression from this exhibition.


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“International Women’s Day. Feminism: from Vanguard of 20th last century to the ourdays”.

This not ordinary exhibition was opened in the new museum’s and exhibition’s center “Work -man and Woman Collective farmer” under famous monument which was built by Russian woman artist Vera Mukhina in 1932 for the USSR pavilion at the International Industrial Exhibition in Paris. It is also the symbol of gender’s equality in USSR. So this exhibition has the historical aspect and the exposition starts from wellknown Russian women Vanguard-artists of 20th: Popova, Stepanova, Raitcer and so on.

The next part of exposition shows new feminism of 60-70th in video and photo art in works of American artists: Mery Kelly, Marta Rosler,Wally Export.

Art works of new 21th century continue creative work in new contemporary technology achievements. We can see art works and performances of Elena Kovylina, Maria Chuikova, Anna Broshe, Tatiana Antoshina, Chinese artist Chao Fei.

This exhibition shows the development of ideas of feminism from the Russian Women’s Vanguard across the West feminism to the Contemporary Art of 21th century.

This exhibition will continue to May 12 – to the end of Festival “Women in Art of Contemporary World”. International artists, who will come to Moscow on May can see this interesting exhibition too.


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Start of the Moscow International Spring Festival
anons in ООN

United Nations Information Center in Moscow.

In the name of International Women’s Day March 8 women artists of “IRIDA” association were invited to organize the exhibition in this house of United Nation’s representation in Moscow.

“IRIDA” is known as very active creative organization. Every year Russian women artists visit new cities and countries to receive new impressions, to meet their colleagues artists of other countries. Women artists of “IRIDA” presented their works made in different countries of the world: France, Belgium, Italy, Vietnam, Malasia and of course old Russian cities. All paintings is in the traditional realistic stile, but they reflects individual character of each artists and all of them are interesting and talented.

The exhibition was opened in the context of the beginning of the Moscow International Spring Festival “Women in Art of Contemporary World” just before International women’s Day March 8 at the festival party.

The Director of the Center Alexander Gorelik marked that gender’s equality and widening of rights and possibilities of women are the global mission of United Nations Organization. So they must have opportunity to take part in political life, economic activity and social processes.



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Spring Salon 2012

Project  The jubilee 20th “Spring Salon -2012” exhibition and creative contest of women artists ofRussia

“Spring Salon” is one of the most popular programs of IRIDA Association.  The main motto of the exhibitions and contests: the  art of women artists brings ideas of humanism, creation and harmony. The aim of “Spring Salons”  is to discover  new names of talented women artists and to promote  their creative  achievements.

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Spring Festival Women in the Arts. Creative Kitchen – 2010

Spring Festival and art exhibition of  women artists


,“ New Manezh” Central Exhibition Hall,Moscow

February 22-March 8,  2010.

A starting point  of the Exhibition is an idea to unite and demonstrate two basic principles of a woman-artist, that is: development of a personality in the creative activity  and the natural inevitable predestination of  a woman to be a keeper of the home hearth.  Therefore, it is not accidental that such words as “woman-artist” and  “creative cook room”  stand together.

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Projects 20 – anniversary
Буклет Ирида в Индиане 93г.1 014

P R O J E C T S  for 20 years of IRIDA.


Since 1993 the annual project “Spring Salon” – exhibition and creative contest of women artists of Russia has been  held regularly. Establishers: IRIDA and the Union of Russia`s Women. Patronage – theRussianAcademy of Arts. The aim of “Spring Salons”  is to discover  new names of talented women artists and to promote  their creative  achievements.

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An evening gathering devoted to the Jubilee of Maria Esmont

An evening gathering devoted to the Jubilee of  Maria Esmont .IRIDA  Chairwoman .

Friends, colleagues and  relatives of Maria got together at IRIDA Home, a  place where she spends a larger part of her  working time. Her Jubilee exhibition has already been held earlier in the Moscow Union of Artists (MUA). 

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The jubilee exhibition of Antonina Stepanova

The jubilee exhibition of Antonina Stepanova, the People`s Artist of Russia took place in the All-Russia Museum of  Applied and Folk Art in Moscow. A famous master of glass works A.Stepanova  was a founder of  the Museum and later a Chairwoman of the Moscow Fund of Culture.

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The exhibition of graphic works of Tamara Sikstel

The exhibition of graphic works of Tamara Sikstel took place in the Library of Ukrainian literature inMoscow. The most  attractive were the drawings of  Russian church architecture made with pen  which were displayed side by side with attractive  water colours and oil paintings.

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